What Happened To Havoc And Unleaded's Friday The 13th Video Game?

Last year We were very excited to find out that an ultra cool fan video game was being created for Friday The 13th fans, simply titles Friday The 13th. This game was going to be playable on PC to begin with and if fans liked it and the developers had time, they were going to expand it to other platforms. We were breaking exclusive updates on the game all the way through to last September on mostly a monthly basis, and then the updates just stopped. We tried to contact co-creator Ken Beard of Unleaded Games to find out what may have happened, but have yet to get a reply.

Many fans have been asking us about the status of the game and so we started checking up on a few leads. The Havoc Games website has unfortunately been pulled and many videos we featured here on the website of the developing video game posted on Youtube  have been deleted as well. It's a real shame as this was a very exciting project that we had hoped fans would be able to test out when the game was finished. For more information on the game please Read Our Coverage for all of the images and information thus far.

If we find out more about the project, we will certainly let you know!