Friday The 13th: The Obsession DVD And Prop Updates

Since the successful conclusion of the hit web series, Friday The 13th: The Obsession, this past April 13th, fans have now been asking if there is going to be a DVD release and what the details of that release will be. For those people who have not been following all of the events of the web series, originally, fans had an opportunity to contribute funds to help produce the Friday The 13th show, and in exchange, those contributors would receive a DVD. If you contributed more money from the baseline, then you would receive mention in the credits and then prop masks and so on. Here is the recent comments pertaining to the DVD's and props from the webs series.

From The Obsession Facebook
Talked with Rydell Danzie (Kane) yesterday about doing a few pick up shots for the Obsession DVD with both he and Hannah (Amy, the obsessed fan). That and a couple things that we have shot, but were cut will add up to our 80min Obsession feature DVD. Those who contributed $50 or more will be getting the DVD by July 13th. Actually a week or two before so you can watch on the 13th! The big investors will be getting the the screen used masks as soon as we shoot those scenes!

For those people that invested the money in the project, it looks as though your items will be on their way to you within the next month and a half or so. For those looking to get the full length movie cut together from the web series episodes, unfortunately it will not be available. Perhaps something can be arranged later on between Timberwolf West and the fans?

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