Kane Hodder's Unmasked Publisher To Publish Friday the 13th Book

Author Mike Dark Ink did a fantastic job of not only putting together the book Unmasked, but it also was incredible in marketing and creating awareness for Kane Hodder's life story. Since the release of the book, there has also been news about Kane and his new reality web series on FearNet following his new adventures, along with author Micheal Aloisi during their book tour. Well, now we have been given the exclusive first word on a new project linked to the Friday The 13th film franchise!

Michael Aloisi has told us that his company Author Mike Dark Ink will also be publishing David Grove's new book On location in Blairstown: The Making of Friday the 13th! This should be great news for fans of Friday The 13th 1980 as this book is sure to get the proper care and advertising just as Unmasked did. For now, we all know that this new book, detailing the creation of the original slasher film in the Friday The 13th film franchise, will be released in October of 2012, but we do not have cover images or any other pictures from the book as of yet.

To get caught on all of the previous news about On location in Blairstown: The Making of Friday the 13th, please check out Our Coverage for what we know so far about the historic project. We will bring you more about David Grove's book in the near future when it is made available!