Comic Covers Promote Friday The 13th Stars For Radio Shows

Online Horror radio show Without Your Head has been interviewing scores of actors and actresses that have starred in the genre for the past couple of years now and have always offered some lighthearted fun in their recordings. A great idea they had for promoting their radio shows was creating comic book covers featuring an actor they would have on their show!

There is no doubt that many of our visitors have probably listened to a number of their shows at some point, but what we wanted to do today was showcase all of the comic covers that featured Friday The 13th stars that have been guests on the radio show. Below are covers that we found which depict the characters portrayed by the actors in the franchise. The illustrations are clever and would actually be fun collectibles to own.

To listen to the interviews of the different Friday The 13th stars, check out the audio archive for Without Your Head and scroll down to find each interview!