Friday The 13th Producers Seeking Halloween Franchise!

It has been a crazy ride for Malek Akkad and Dimension Films as all parties involved, including Jason X writer Todd Farmer, have been trying to get another Halloween film into production the last couple of years with no success. There were even rumors that the next Halloween film and Friday The 13th sequel were being explored as possible found footage movies. That was back in September of last year and since then no other word has been mentioned about the found footage angle, but it was announced in the Fall of 2011 that a new Halloween movie was indeed being released with a October 2012 date. That also has since been changed to an undetermined date.

So the question for Halloween fans has been, who's going to make the next film? How about the producers of Friday The 13th 2009! Reported earlier today and elaborated upon by Shock Till You Drop, it seems Platinum Dunes is now in consideration to Produce the next Halloween film. It really is amazing to think that one production company could have a hand in the Texas Chainsaw, Friday The 13th, and Halloween film franchises, but it could be a reality. Michael Bay's production company with fellow producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form are well known for rebooting or remaking Horror films and if they get the gig to make a new Halloween film, fans must expect another remake.

With PD already working on a Ninja Turtles reboot and possibly getting the next Halloween movie, it's safe to say that they will not be producing a new Friday The 13th film anytime in the future. As for the Halloween sequel, it has been reiterated that Platinum Dunes has not scored the right to produce a new Michael Myers film yet, only trying to form a select number of crew to pitch an idea to land the job. This is an interesting development and one worth keeping an eye on!
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