Rare Photo Of Jason Actor Steve Dash Revealed From Part 2

Yesterday, Amy Steel unveiled a never before seen photo of her on the set of Friday The 13th Part 2, posing next to the Counselor Training Center sign that was at the entrance to the camp in Part 2. When she posted the photo, she mentioned a pandora's box of material from the film which left us wondering what else she may have buried in that box. Amy didn't wait long as she posted another rare behind the scene photo from the film.

Posted on Amy's Facebook page very recently is a photo of Jason Voorhees actor Steve Dash standing next to Director Steve Miner. Steve has the prop machete in his shoulder from the wound Jason sustained at the end of the film and Amy mentions that the photos below was taken right before his accident that almost cost him his finger. For those unfamiliar with the accident that sent Steve Dash to the hospital while still wearing his Jason costume and machete in his shoulder, please read our story from last year which contains a photo of Mr. Dash at the hospital!

Enjoy the photo below and we hope to see even more info and images revealed very soon!