Jason X Italian Posters Promote Freddy vs Jason Too?

With the Friday The 13th film franchise covering over 30 years and twelve films to it's credit, there has been a humongous amount of marketing materials created for numerous countries around the world. For Friday The 13th fans, it has been a fun scavenger hunt to find rare and unique items from the various countries that were used to market the films. One of the more interesting sets of posters used to promote Jason X comes from Italy as there is a little history behind the artwork included in the four poster set.

The Jason X Italian Photobusta four poster set features many images from the film, but if you notice in the upper corner of each poster, you will see Freddy Krueger's claws and Jason's machete from the Freddy vs Jason poster. Why would that be on Jason X posters, you wonder? Well, Jason X was not released into theaters in Italy when the film was scheduled to have it's worldwide release. It was thought that the film would not do good business and was excluded from the theatrical release list. However, when Freddy vs Jason was released in 2003 and brought in huge crowds, it was decided that Jason X would then be released into theaters after the fact. When the posters were sent out to market the release of Jason X, the Freddy vs Jason art was used to promote the film.

It's an interesting parallel between success and perceived failure, but the Friday The 13th franchise has always dealt with these types of issues of money and profitable return. Check out the posters below and let us know what you think!

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