Freddy vs Jason Actress Fights The Living Dead

Zombies and Found Footage movies are dominating not only the Horror genre, but mainstream films as well the last few years and nothing seems to be slowing down either type of film. For the purposes of this story, we turn our attention to the ever reliable Zombie sub-genre for which an alumni of the Friday The 13th film franchise is now apart of. Katharine Isabelle (Gibb, Freddy vs Jason) is starring in a brand new take on a classic Zombie fare as part of a six person crew sent to an island to investigate a number of corpses to win a chance at the F.B.I.

Below is the synopsis of the film and also the new trailer courtesy

Six ambitious forensic undergrads are pitted against one another on a scientific expedition to a remote island, vying to win an esteemed trainee position with the FBI. Unbeknownst to everyone, the site was formally used as an illegal biological testing grounds for life-term criminals who were left for dead. Behind the mission is Professor Tomkins, who together with FBI agent Veneziano have devised a series of experiments to test the would-be agents to their limits. Three mutilated cadavers taken from the medical labs have been planted around the island in a reconstructive test which the undergrads will be assigned tasks in order to discover what may have caused the fatal injuries.

Even before the undergrads have started their experiments, the zombie criminal convicts are systematically hunting them down and what started as a fight for an esteemed career in the FBI is now a fight for their very lives.

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