Infograph Shows Jason Voorhees Body Count Champ Among Horror Franchises

Jason Voorhees and the Friday The 13th films have been around so long that it is hard to imagine that any other Horror franchise could stack up and compare to the box office dollars generated by Camp Crystal Lake. Well, such fan's mentality would be wrong as there have been a few Horror icons pop up over the years that indeed can give Pamela Voorhees and son a run for their victims, and their money. Below is a really cool infograph that lays out the Top Ten Horror Franchises with respect to the most important categories, Highest Grossing (Fans don't care about as much) and Highest Body Count Per Film (all fans care about).

Surprisingly, Friday The 13th only comes in fourth in total overall world wide money grosses. Can you believe the Exorcist franchise is #1? At least our beloved mongoloid is tops in average body count per film! Check out the infograph below and make sure to print out your version to hang in your Horror domain for trivia dominance!