Friday The 13th Triple Feature At Alamo Drafthouse

Once again the Alamo Drafthouse is coming through for fans of the Friday The 13th film franchise as they have answered the fan's pleas for a marathon hosted in theater setting on Friday The 13th. Coming Friday April 13th to the Alamo Drafthouse in Houston, Texas, fans will be able to watch a triple feature of Friday The 13th 1980, Friday The 13th Part 2, and Friday The 13th Part 3! Read on for ticket information and the posting from the theater website. Thanks to David Gill for the heads-up.

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From Alamo Drafthouse
Santa Claus. Batman. Jason Voorhees. There are only a few characters as instantly recognizable as Jason, the silent slice and dice star of the FRIDAY THE 13th franchise. Celebrate the movie monster who machetted his way into pop culture history with a triple bill featuring the first three films in the legendary horror franchise.

FRIDAY THE 13TH, directed by Sean S. Cunningham, stars Betsy Palmer and Adrienne King in a blood-soaked night of vengeance as a child's death prompts a murderous rampage throughout the soon-to-re-open Camp Crystal Lake. Watch as Kevin Bacon and a cast of pretty young coeds fall victim to knife and arrow. The film will be projected from a 35mm print.

Director Steve Miner picks up the camera for FRIDAY THE 13TH PART II, a sequel that came out a scant year after the original and saw Jason Voorhees make his triumphant return from presumed death. Armed with an axe and a cloth sack mask, Jason leaves a bloody reminder that horny, drugged out teens should stay as far away from his stomping grounds as possible. The film will be screened as a high-definition digital presentation.

Miner returned for FRIDAY THE 13TH PART III, a movie that brought Jason Voorhees stomping into a third dimension. That's right - we're screening the film in 3D! Watch as Jason discovers his signature hockey mask and makes short work of a group of teens snooping around Camp Crystal Lake. The film will be projected as a high-definition digital presentation.

Between the films, we'll host games, giveaways and more surprises — including a photo booth where you can take your picture with Jason Voorhees himself. It would be very unlucky of you to miss out on this event so buy your tickets today. (Robert Saucedo)