Win A Replica Hockey Mask From Friday The 13th: A New Beginning!


Many fans have despised Friday The 13th: A New Beginning over the years, but the affection has grown more and more since the film's release 25 plus years ago. The hockey mask worn in the film by the pseudo Jason killer in the film was the biggest departure from the other hocks in the series in terms of design due to the change in chevron placement and color. Since the fifth movie in the franchise has been released there has been many different variations on the hockey mask, but this mask always sticks out at the in the minds of fans.

No matter how much dislike their is for A New Beginning, collectors and fans alike always have a need to own every part of the Friday The 13th film franchise and now our visitors have a chance to win a piece of what has been called the black sheep of the film series.

We have recently been gifted a hockey mask from Adam Wilson, which is a replica of the mask worn by Pseudo Jason Roy Burns in Friday The 13th: A New Beginning. The mask was made by Steve Bellamy of The Devils Latex. To enter to win this mask, please read below:

About The Contest
1. This contest is for the opportunity to win one replica hockey mask from the film Friday The 13th: A New Beginning

2. There are four ways to enter the contest. You can enter on Twitter, Facebook, Google +, or in our Discussion Forum.

- Twitter: Tweet this Contest Announcement on your Twitter account with the hash tag #RoyBurnsHockContest and our Twitter handle @F13FilmFranchis. Your tweet must have this contest announcement link, our Twitter handle and the aforementioned hash tag included.

- Facebook: Go to the Contest Announcement on Facebook and click on the Share link. That's it. Every person that clicks Share on the Facebook Announcement will be entered to win.

- Google +: Go to the Contest Announcement on Google + and click on the Share button. That's it. Every person that clicks Share on the Google + Announcement will be entered to win.

- Discussion Forum: Visit the Contest Announcement in our Forum and post a comment in the discussion thread. If you are not signed up yet, it takes a very quick minute to do so.

3. Participants can enter the contest in all four different ways if desired as it will increase your chances of winning due to each entry from the four platforms being added into the random drawing.

4. Contest runs from Wednesday February 29, 2012 through Friday March 16, 2012. The winner will be announced and contacted on Saturday March 17th. If there are any questions, please email or send us a message on one of the social network sites. Good luck to everyone!


  1. Jesus i hope i win this

  2. I really want this! Please, please, please pick me on Facebook! 

  3. Shared!!!!! Here is to hoping I win!!!!!!!!!


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