Uncut Friday The 13th 1980 To Screen This May!

It is always exciting for younger fans of the Friday The 13th film franchise to be able to see the original films in a theater, as they never had the opportunity to do so growing up many years after the original releases. We always try to report screenings for the movies when they become available and this May, fans are in for a real treat! On May 19, 2012, fans will have the opportunity to view the original uncut 35MM print of Friday The 13th 1980!

The original film will be shown as part of the Hudson Horror Show in Poughkeepsie, New York and will accompany a few other legendary horror films on the big screen. All of the information is below and for more film franchise screenings, make sure to visit our Event Page!

From The Press Release
On Saturday, May 19th, 2012, the hallowed grounds of the Silver Cinemas South Hills 8 will once again showcase the greatest classic horror film festival in the Hudson Valley, Hudson Horror Show V! Our fifth 12-hour movie festival will feature five full length classic genre films along with shorts and drive-in style trailers, all off rare 35mm film prints!

Our December to Dismember 2011 show was a sell-out with people having to be seated in our “reserved for staff seats.” Don’t miss out; grab your tickets now! This is our third year of shows, and ticket prices are still only $26.00 in advance via PayPal. Advance ticket holders save money and will be admitted first. If any tickets remain, they will be available at the door on the day of the show for $30.00, cash only.

Our Frankenstein-like monster of a line-up is now complete! Doors open at noon that day, and our “opening act” will be a mash-up of two of the greatest movie studios of all time as Hammer Films and the Shaw Brothers collide in Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires! This film, also know as The Seven Brothers Meets Dracula, mixes Gothic horror with, well, kung fu. It’s kind of like putting your peanut butter in my chocolate; who knew they would taste so good together?

We’ll have our semi-traditional “Mystery Movie” in the line-up, and that could be just about anything at this point. Perhaps some blaxploitation? How about a good old fashioned rape/revenge flick? Maybe some more giant monsters? Our lips are sealed until show time, but we are sure the mystery movie will be anything but a disappointment.

Hudson Horror V will then push on full steam ahead with our triple axe attack triple headliner! Our zombie movie for this show will be an extremely rare screening of George A. Romero’s Day of the Dead. Unfortunately this amazing film was barely seen in theaters upon its original theatrical run in 1985, and it’s had even fewer screenings since. We are proud to unearth this zombie classic one more time.

Headliner number two will be a movie that has been constantly requested by Hudson Horror fans, Phantasm! With dwarf zombies, crazy bugs, killer spheres and, of course, “The Tall Man,” this nightmarish masterpiece will definitely make you want to sleep with the lights on.

Our third and final headliner of this triple threat will be none other than the incredibly influential slasher flick, the original, Friday the 13th! This film, originally released in 1980, was a watershed horror release and kickstarted the slasher craze that took Hollywood by storm for many years to come. Perhaps the biggest star of the film isn’t Jason Voorhees, but Tom Savini’s realistic and gruesome special effects. These effects were unfortunately toned down in 1980 so the producers could secure an “R” rating. However, we’ve been lucky enough to obtain a print that has the best parts intact! At long last, Hudson Horror presents the UNCUT version of the original Friday the 13th off 35mm film!

We will have the usual shorts, drive-in trailers, vendors, giveaways, trivia questions and nonsense that make Hudson Horror so much fun. We’ll have just a few vendor spots for HHV; if you are interested in selling or promoting your wares, or if you just have questions regarding our show, visit the Hudson Horror Show website.