Friday The 13th Writer Clowning Around In New Horror Film

Writers for the Friday The 13th film franchise are not really known for putting down the pen and getting in front of the cameras, unless your name is Todd Farmer. Although Todd is trying to pave the way with his bare bottom on-screen antics (My Bloody Valentines, Drive Angry), writers usually tend to stay behind the scenes for the films they are involved in. Well, another Friday the 13th writer looks as though he is going to be getting in from of the lenses for a new horror movie.

Dread Central posted first news on an upcoming horror film that will star none other than the writer of the original Friday the 13th, Victor Miller! There is no other information right now about his part in Carnieville, but the synopsis for the film is below. It will be interesting to see what he does in this carnie filled horror extravaganza!

Carnieville Synopsis
After having witnessed her neighbor murder his own wife in his clown outfit, Corey has been dealing with coulrophobia (fear of clowns) ever since she was a child. On Halloween night her boyfriend and his friends decide to help her overcome her phobia of clowns by taking her to a nearby carnival. However, they soon discover that the price of admission is their lives.

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Source: Dread Central