Friday The 13th: The Obsession, Episode 6: Teenage Frankenstein

It has been a full month since we last watched the latest episode Friday The 13th: The Obsession for which Amy Marcus is going deeper into the dark side of her psyche coupled with the surfacing of the Jason Voorhees persona that she will use to exact her vengeance. Some very familiar surroundings are visited in this week's episode and there will be more death and destruction.

This week, Episode 6: Teenage Frankenstein features the following:

'Amy' has now taken on the persona of 'Jason' and will confront Todd and her ex-girlfriend 'Nikki', as well as going to Camp Crystal Lake to find her new lover 'Stephanie'. Like the first two episodes this sixth show is very fast paced and has a much more brisk running time of 9min, and has faster action and kills, opposed to the 11-12min more character driven shows.

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