Derek Mears Releases Never Before Seen 2009 Pics

This writer really enjoys the franchise reboot, Friday The13th 2009. For all of the shortcomings that many fans have pointed out over the past three years, the newest film in the franchise really does offer the audience the most authentic Friday the 13th film that has been released since the late 1980's. We even broke down the film with our feelings and opinions a few months ago.

Another big reason for why the film is successful is that of Jason Voorhees himself, Derek Mears. He not only gave a memorable performance as Jason, but has been unbelievably humble about his involvement and genuinely excited to interact with fans. This is even more apparent today as Derek recently released two previously unseen photos from the 2009 production of Friday The 13th on his Twitter account. If you though Jason looked intimidating before, these new photos will enhance your opinion.

Below are the new photos of Jason in action. What do you  think of these photos of a determined Jason stalking?!

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