Film Props: Friday The 13th: A New Beginning Cleaver

Jason has used many weapons during his illustrious career and some of those instruments of terror have bordered on obnoxious to plain ludicrous. However, his pal, and copycat, Roy Burns decided to one-up Jason in the kill department and set out to kill as many people in one film as Jason had in his earlier multiple films. Early on in Friday The 13th: A New Beginning, it was apparent that every single item used in previous films would be employed to knock off unsuspecting victims, so it was no surprise that the old reliable meat cleaver would make an appearance.

In fact, the cleaver was used more times in this film than in any others. The cleaver was used to kill Jake (an off-screen kill that can be scene in behind the scenes photos), and of course the mother and son duo of Ethel and Junior. Below are some photos of a screen used cleaver from the A New Beginning which is described as a foam stunt cleaver. Although it is not determined by the owner in which scenes the cleaver was actually used, you can compare the photos below with that of the cleaver used in the Jake death.

We are no experts here in the screen-used props department, but this item looks convincing and it would be a great addition to any fans or collector's collection. For more info on this or other props owned by "DeadMass", check out his collection at!

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