Behind The Scenes: Jason's Encounter With Josh

Continuing with rarely seen images from Jason Goes To Hell, today we look at the first encounter between Josh and Jason. In the scene, Jason (As the Coroner) emerges from the tree line to surprise Josh and his fling Edna. On screen, we see Jason approach Edna and close the car door on her head. That is the end of the scene as the audience is then transitioned to the Voorhees house where Jason prepares to shave Josh in one of the most bizarre scenes ever witnessed in the franchise.

Because of the transition in the film, we never see what happened to Josh after Edna was killed. However, the photo below does show Jason as he approaches Josh on the other side of the car. A stunned Josh draws his weapon in defense of an impending attack by Jason. One has to wonder if there was ever a scene filmed where Jason actually grabs Josh?

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