Alternate Ultimate DVD Box Set Coming?

Friday the 13th fans have been treated to a plethora of discs lately ranging from the release of the soundtrack box set this Friday The 13th to the Ultimate DVD box set for the first eight Friday The 13th films from Paramount this past October. Could there be a new DVD box set coming for the Friday the 13th films? The answer is yes.

According to new DVD listings on Best Buy and Walmart's websites, there is a new release of the first eight Paramount films coming this February. After researching the set, the new release will only contain the films and  not the replica hockey mask included for the October 2011 release. The one question fans really want to know about is did Paramount change the packaging for the eight DVD's. There were many complaints about the book packaging from the last box set release of the films, with DVD's sticking to the book and scratches on the disc.

We're looking into that question now and will let you know what is found. The new release of the Ultimate DVD box set for the Friday the 13th films will be released on February 14, 2012. Thanks to reader Jayson Lowe for the heads up!

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