Near Dark Concept Art Used For Part 5 International Poster

It's really quite amazing to find out the origins of how poster art was created for the Friday The 13th film franchise. Sometimes what you can find really surprises and makes for some interesting trivia to share with the rest of the fans of the film series. What we have today is quite amazing, especially for those who love Vampire films.

Near Dark is a cult favorite vampire film that was released in 1987 and starred Lance Henriksen and Bill Paxton. The poster art featured a burnt Bill Paxton with the tagline Vampires can only kill you once, but they can terrify you forever. How does this relate to Friday The 13th? Well, Jay Allen Sanford has been writing a series of stories over at the San Diego Reader highlighting discarded concept art for posters and one such discarded concept for Near Dark looks very familiar.

Below we have posted the French poster for Friday The 13th: A New Beginning for which a young Tommy Jarvis is holding a bloody machete. Most fans have probably seen this poster by now, but check out the discarded concept art from Near Dark that also features a young boy with a machete. The appearance of the boy has been altered, but the overall concept is definitely the same. This type of practice is nothing new, but finding the origins of a design of a poster is fun!

Near Dark Discarded Concept Art

A New Beginning French Poster
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