Jason Goes To Hell Prop Machete

There are a plethora of film props from the more than three decades of Friday the 13th films. We have highlighted numerous props on this website over the past year. Now we are going to take a look at the single most iconic prop outside of the hockey mask, Jason's machete from Jason Goes To Hell.

Hollywood History currently has the rare machete listed on their website from the first New Line Friday the 13th film. Check out the description of the machete and where it was used in the film, below. It can be yours to own for $2,499.99!

From Hollywood History
This is a machette used by Jason Voorhees (Kane Hodder) during filming. This machette has a metal blade with a handle made of plastic, with small dents towards the pointed end from usage on set. This machette was used during the scene when he is about to kill a woman (undercover FBI agent Elizabeth Marcus), and the FBI springs a trap. After gunning him down they launch a grenade and Jason gets blown to pieces. Along with a Hollywood History COA, paperwork from the actor portraying Jason Voorhees; Kane Hodder will be included. This is a recognizable piece from the Friday the 13th franchise and used by a horror icon.

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