Soundtrack Boxset Details Updated

Last week, huge soundtrack news was reported at our website pertaining to a big limited edition box set release of Friday the 13th scores for the first six films from composer Harry Manfredini. The official Press Release from La-La Land Records detailed the basic information for the release, which will include a 40 page booklet.

To this point, not much is known about what will be included in the booklet, however, we may now have a clearer understanding of some of the contents of the booklet. Over at, they have got the skinny on what we can expect as part of the box set.

Moreover, Brian Satterwhite of Nuance Music has compiled a vast and impressive historical account of the Friday The 13th movies and Harry's musical approach to each consecutive film as the series progressed. Included are quotes from Harry himself, series creator Sean Cunningham, screenwriter Victor Miller plus many more.

It's fascinating to see research put into the history of the music for a film series as opposed to the normal film-making process. Stay tuned for more information on this soundtrack box set within the next few months!