Behind The Part 2 Dream Window Crash

One of the most talked about scenes in all of the Friday the 13th films is the window crash scene towards the end of Friday the 13th Part 2. The scene is heavily discussed for many reasons. The biggest reason for discussion is for the simple debate of is the scene a dream or is it reality? This has been discussed for decades and it is still something that splits the fanbase to this day.

More recently, the facts came out about the fact that although Warrington Gillette was credited as Jason, he only played Jason in one scene. That scene happens to be the window crash scene at the end of the movie. Although it was debated for a small time if that was indeed fact, now everyone knows that Warrington did indeed only play Jason for the window crashing scene.

Below is a rare behind the scene photo of Warrington Gillette in Jason makeup after he crashed through the window to grab Ginny (Amy Steel). It's a pretty intimate moment as actors and crew look to be recouping after the action too place.

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