Horrorhound #32 Cover Shows Freddy vs Jason

Horrorhound magazine is one of the premier magazines in the horror genre right now and is a huge fan favorite. Last week, we brought you news about the exclusive cover for Jason Lives that will be available at the Horrorhound Weekend convention this coming weekend. Now, you can buy the newest publication featuring Freddy and Jason!

The cover was created to highlight the featured article about competing remakes. Here is what you will find in issue #32:

"Duel of the Remakes" - a feature article reviewing every major (and many non-major) remakes released over the last 40 years, including what we like to call "Remake report cards." Movie news featuring Chillerama and The Victim (including a 10 Random Questions with Michael Biehn), a HorrorHound Retrospective on The Fly film series, Video Invasion: World Video, "It's Only a Movie" poster article and a Halloween Hall of Fame induction make up just a small part of issue #32's contents!

Visit the website for the magazine to get your copy today!