New Line To Make Friday The 13th Comedy?

New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. have decided that a straight up Friday the 13th movie is not going to fly with current cinema goers and have decided on a hybrid look at their slasher franchise. Get ready for a movie within a movie scenario with 80's shenanigans!

Variety reported last week that New Line will distribute the new horror comedy Final Girls which is boasting a story that is a cross between Back To The Future and Friday the 13th. The plot follows a girl grieving the loss of her mother, who was a scream queen in the 1980s. When she and her friends are mysteriously sucked into the world of her mother's most famous horror movie, Max is reunited with her mom and must face the pic's crazed killer.

The film is being directed by A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas 3D Director Todd Strauss-Schulson

Source: Variety