Friday The 13th Movie Website Domain Renewed Through 2013

There has not been a lot of news on the sequel front of late for Friday The 13th, but we are always keeping a look out for anything that can hint one way or another if the fans will ever get a new movie in theaters anytime in the future. One great indicator about movies and their possible future are keeping an eye on domain registrations.

The website domain for the newest film in the series,, has been active for some time, since 2001, believe it or not. The website recently underwent some minor updates and now the domain itself is has been renewed. The official website for the 2009 film has now been renewed through December 17, 2013. This is probably just normal business practice for Warner Bros. to hold onto domains with high traffic, but it is encouraging to see that the site will be kept running with its current content.

A new sequel could easily utilize the existing website to promote a new film. Lets hope we get some solid sequel news next year as the website is ready and the fans are ready now too for a new Friday the 13th!
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