Review: Friday The 13th: The Ultimate Compilation

We announced last week that Harry Manfredini and Sean Cunnningham have been collaborating on a new compilation of tracks to be released of Friday the 13th music from the first six films in the series and yesterday, the new CD went live on iTunes for fans to download and enjoy.

There are eleven tracks that were made available and they are indeed a treat for fans that grew up watching the original series of films. Tracks 1 through 3 represent key moments and music from the original film, while Track 4 is a music suite of Friday the 13th Part 2. Track 5 is the infamous disco opening of Friday the 13th Part 3 for which we get our first and only Jason themed dance music. Track 6 is a small snippet of music from the end barn scene in which Chris fends off Jason.

If you are lucky enough to own the original LP soundtrack release of the first three films, then nothing new will be found here, however, most fans are not that fortunate. so these offerings will be music, literally to the fans ears.

The first six tracks are very nostalgic and the core of the Friday the 13th legacy in music. That being said, the two best tracks for this writer are 7 and 8. Both of these are full musical suites for Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter and Friday The 13th: A New Beginning. There has never been a proper soundtrack release for either of these films and as such these tracks have never been officially made available previously. Yes, there have been CD's created from these two films by ripping the audio track from the respective DVD's, but the tracks on this new compilation release by Lionsgate Music and Fearnet Sound are the real deal.

Tracks 9 and 10 are small representations of Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part 6, but that does not mean they are insignificant. These two tracks are sentimental as Harry Manfredini's last score of the Paramount Friday the 13th films. The final track is one that many, many fans have been asking to own for decades and that is the song Sail Away Tiny Sparrow. The song played in the Diner scene in Friday the 13th 1980 where Steve Christie interacts with the waitress Sandy. It's core theme was also used for the end music as the credits role as well as the infamous boat scene with Alice and young Jason Voorhees.

Overall, this is a must buy for Friday the 13th fans as nothing like it has been offered before. If your wondering if there is more music to come from these films or if a physical CD release is being planned of this new compilation, then all we can tell you is that yes, more music is coming and we were also told to "Stay Alert" for a possible CD release!

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