Friday the 13th Actress Set To 'Intercept'

Many of the stars of Friday The 13th 2009 are busy bees around Hollywood, as not only are they young, but still very relevant in the eyes of studio execs looking to find the next biggest hit on television and film. That is one reason why Danielle Panabaker (Jenna) has been in high demand the last few years, starring in a number of horror genre films.

She has compiled a good list of films to her credit in the genre such as the critically acclaimed remake The Crazies, John Carpenter's The Ward, and most recently, the yet to be released Piranha 3DD. Now, Panabaker looks to be going back to television as it was just reported at Deadline that she will be joining the cast of a new pilot, Intercept.

From Deadline:
Intercept is a one-hour technology- and action-driven drama about four college students who get roped into solving crimes when one of them creates a high-tech communication device that intercepts conversations throughout the West Coast. Panabaker will play one of the two girls on the team, Kat, described as the prettiest and coolest girl on campus. Also cast in the pilot is Chloe Wang as the other female member of the team, Tess, a pretty bookish techie.

Source: Deadline