'The Obsession' Shows Off The Ladies

Friday The 13th: The Obsession is still in the filming process for which numerous production images and notes have been released over the past few weeks. Jason and company look to be in very capable hands with Timberwolf Entertainment  leading the way in the for the production. Recently, their new blog updated fans on the progress of the web series.

Some new photos of the obsessed fan Amy Marcus (Hannah Townsend) and her girlfriend have been released and although Jason does not make an appearance in the new images, just having the lovely ladies to look at should not be a disappointment for fans. Timberwolf had the following to say about the new Friday The 13th web series:

While 'Friday The 13th' always has a bit of sex, drugs and rock and roll. One of the major differences with our fan web series is there is a pretty strong tale of romance wrapped up with the death and mayhem.

Below are a few new images of the leading ladies who eventually engage in a hot romance that leads to Amy, the obsessed fan, experiencing an obscuring of reality. For more info and images, make sure to check out the latest entry at the Timberwolf blog.