New Info Revealed For David Grove's New Friday The 13th Book!

Around three weeks ago, we brought you an update on author David Grove's new book focusing on the entire production and marketing of Friday The 13th (1980). David was generous enough to write our website and share his thoughts on the making of the book and now he has contacted us again to share even more juicy tidbits of what to expect.

When we last communicated with David, we were curious if there was anything he wanted to share with the fans on what he has learned so far as well as what direction the book would be taking. It is important that the fans have an idea of what the book is trying to accomplish as some people think everything about the movie has been told already. Read below to see what David has uncovered to this point and get a better sense of where the book is going!

From author David Grove:
I cover the making of Manny's Orphans, Here Come the Tigers, as well as The Children, which was shot by most of the Friday the 13th crew, just before the start of filming. All in rich detail. The creation of the Friday the 13th logo, for the Variety ad, which I touched upon in my last book, is something I go into in tremendous detail, not too mention the work that went into the Camp NoBeBoSco location to get it ready for filming.

Nuggets? Did you know that there were three other actresses lined up to play Mrs. Voorhees in the film, besides Estelle Parsons and Betsy Palmer, including two Oscar winners? Did you know that an Oscar winner was approached, and actually agreed to take the small role of Sandy the Diner Waitress in the film?

I've also collected lots of rare material, including a never before used promotional ad for Friday the 13th, this came after the Variety ad, which was used for distributor screenings. I also have an advanced shooting schedule, and never before seen script that was used during filming(the script was 85 pages long BTW)

There is much more as this is just the beginning of things to come. I think this book will become THE definitive look at the making of a legendary film in the horror genre. We will give more updates as we are contacted by Mr. Grove in the future!