Update On NECA Jason Figs, Fan Challenge

In early Spring, we talked to NECA toys regarding their plans to produce brand new Jason Voorhees figures that have not been released in years past. Their response was encouraging as we were told that their was a strong possibility for new Jason figures sometime in 2012.

Well, that was four months ago and with ComicCon finished, we decided to contact NECA again to follow up and see if plans changed or stayed the same. We were told that Jason is still in the plans for 2012, but only if NECA had time to get to a new Friday the 13th project and if retailers were willing to support more Jason Voorhees. For you collectors of figures and all things Friday the 13th, this might be a challenge called out to you.

If you are on Twitter, politely voice your desire for Jason Voorhees to NECA at @NECA_Toys. If you're on Facebook, please ask for more Jason Voorhees figures at www.facebook.com/necaofficial. Remember, don't badger these poor folks, but this is a good time to let them know fans want these figures. Now, we can't help sway the thoughts of retailers, but at least the toy maker will be made aware that the fans fully demand more of Mr. Voorhees.

If we find out more information on new releases, we will let everyone know!


  1. Those Freddy figures they recently released are BEAUTIFUL. I hope to god they do the same with Jason. OBVIOUSLY I'm hoping for a Part 5, Part 8, and Pre Uber Jason X fig.I Personally would like a new JGTH fig but I would take Anything besides a Part 3, FVJ, and The remake.

  2. I really want Part 8 Jason! I'm only on Facebook, so I will post a message to ask for more Jason!

  3. I have posted on facebook and am doing so on twitter right now, Would love for a roy figure and manhattan.

  4. Boy, I hope we get one of these figures soon. I have been dying to get something that is licensed and not a custom figure for $300 |o|


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