Friday The 13th Sequel Release Rumor Revisited

Last year, around this time in August, a very interesting release date for the Friday The 13th film sequel was thrown out on the radio waves. Now that we are in that very same month a year later and fans have been emailing and posting comments asking when a new sequel will arrive, we thought revisiting this possible release date would peak some interest.

Information and concerns over what was mentioned on NPR (National Public Radio) back on Friday, August 13th of 2010 sparked quite a debate on a proposed Friday The 13th sequel. Apparently, Garrison Keeler of Prairie Home Companion mentioned Friday July 13, 2012 as the release date for the next Friday The 13th film. Looking back now, this date will probably never be realized as filming for a new Jason Voorhees romp would have to be in progress already to hit that theatrical date. It is more than likely that Mr. Keeler was using the Friday The 13th holiday in 2010 to get fans excited or possibly just play a little joke.

That being said, his remarks do coincide with Sean Cunningham's mention that a sequel was being targeted for 2012. It is extremely possible that Warner Bros. could greenlight a sequel project for release next year, but July would really be pushing the limits. Hopefully, fans will get solid word one way or the other very soon!