Lobby Card Of The Day: Subway And Part 8

Every lobby card set is unique based on the country it is produced for. Certain sets are larger sizes than other sets in a different country and show more of a particular scene. The greatest finds for lobby cards are when a either a new angle for a scene is discovered or a new scene altogether is found. That is the case today!

Today'a card was produced for Japan to promote Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan. It shows Jason looking down at the passengers of the subway car while he is in pursuit of Rennie and Sean. During the film, Jason never looks at any of the subway passengers as he walks by them en route to kill the last two survivors of the S.S. Lazarus.

This card shows otherwise, Jason possibly first surveying the passengers sitting down before spotting the couple at the end of the subway car. This Lobby Card comes courtesy of daizab's collection and we thank him for it's use today!