Larry Zerner On Racks And Razors Radio

Larry Zerner (Shelly, Friday the 13th Part 3) has always been one of the most gracious and accessible Friday the 13th alumni from the entire film franchise. It was a tad disappointing that he was not included in the Friday the 13th reunion which took place back in June, but fans will have a chance to hear Larry speak this week on blogtalk radio!

UPDATE: Larry joined the Racks and Razors radio show Wednesday July 27th, 2011 for a 10 minute discussion with host Greg Tiderington. Larry discussed his involvement in Friday the 13th Part 3 as well as his role in Joe Lynch's Knights of Badassdom. Listen to his interview below, which takes place in the very beginning of the show!

Larry Zerner Interview - Racks And Razors Radio