Horror Sanctum To Release Part 6 Mask

Horror Sanctum Studios has been churning out some knock-out replica hoods and busts of late. They recently released a replica hood from Jason Goes To Hell, in which the hood was pulled from the original mold used in the film. More recently, HSS released a perfect replica of the coffin dummy used in Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part 6 as well.

Now the company will make Jason Lives fans proud again by offering a replica of the Jason undermask used in the film! C.J. Graham famously wore the undermask during the opening scene in the film where Tommy Jarvis digs up Jason and in turn, the masked murder returns to life. Below is an image posted at the Nightowl Forums of the upcoming item.

This is a truly awesome mask and great rendition of Jason Voorhees that quite frankly is never fully seen in the film itself. Only in recent years ahve good reference pictures of the makeup and hood begin to surface to aid in making fans recognize the appearance of the character as intended by the filmmakers.

There are no further details on the cost or availability of the mask, but when we find out more information, we will let everyone know!