Horror Sanctum's Jason Lives Coffin Dummy Bust

Fans love to own replicas of masks or props from the Friday the film franchise. Usually, replicas are the purchase of choice because original masks and props are rare to find and usually out of the price range of most people. Now, a new replica is being produced from an actual movie mold from the films for fans to buy.

Horror Sanctum recently produced an exact replica of the cowl/hood for Jason Voorhees from Jason Goes To Hell. The hood was pulled from the original movie mold from the film and painted to match exactly the look seen on screen. Now the studio is back with another rare replica item for sale.

Horror Sanctum and Billy Kirkus have teamed up again to bring you a very sought after Friday the 13th replica prop from Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part 6. The coffin dummy replica bust is cast from the Kirkus Collection movie mold bust. The coffin dummy is identical in size and every piece will feature 13 paint changes. This is a foamed bust, limited Edition of 20 castings and the molds will be destroyed after #20 is sold.

The cost for this will run collectors and fans $500. If interested, visit Horror Sanctum's website for more information. Check out our exclusive behind the scenes image of the coffin dummy and compare it to photos of the replica bust below!