Friday the 13th Web Series Sneak Preview?

There have been many people who have been wondering how the new web series Friday the 13th: The Obsession is going to play out in terms of atmosphere and characterization. Although, the series has not begun filming yet, there is another web series produced by Y-Not/Sin Pelo in association with Timberwolf Entertainment that may give a small glimpse of things to come!

Diary of a Black Widow
is an 11 episode account of one woman's demented killing spree while seducing men and women. Episode 6 of "Widow", titled Dreamscape, brings Friday the 13th: The Obsession star, and obsessed fan, Hannah Townsend to a couples getaway camp. Unfortunately, she's single and the couples are in big trouble!

What does this episode have to do with the Friday the 13th web series? Well, Jason's hockey mask makes an appearance, our lead takes on an early persona of Jason, the episode takes place at a camp, and yes, there is blood! Diary of a Black Widow normally can be viewed when paying a subscription fee, however, this special "Friday the 13th" esque episode can be viewed for free via

Check out the video below to see our future obsessed Friday the 13th fan do some serious damage. Remember, this episode may contain a certain look and feel that may exist in Friday the 13th: The Obsession, so this will give fans an a small idea of what to expect this Fall!