Win A Kane Hodder Kill! Poster

The Contest Has Ended
Way back in February, Author of Kane's new biographical book Unmasked! (The book was previously called Kill!), Michael Aloisi, mentioned that he was in the midst of writing the "Friday the 13th" portion of the book with details behind the scenes that no one have ever heard before.

The fans are eagerly awaiting Kane's new book and these particular stories to be told. The book itself goes on sale on October 1, 2011, but before it does, we want to give away another poster promoting Kane's book. The great thing about owning this poster is that it will be more of a collectors item than it was previously as now the title of the book has changed.

If you would like to win this poster, here's what you have to do.....

1. Become a member of the website.
2. Well, that's it, actually!

All members, current and new, will be automatically entered into a random drawing to be held on Friday July 15th. The winner will be notified via email using our website and the email you provided as being a member. So, if you're already a member, congratulations, you're already entered in the contest! For those that are not members, what are you waiting for?

Good luck to everyone and make sure to check out the official website for Kane's book