Demo Havoc Games' Friday the 13th PC Game Now!

Over the last few months we have been bringing you information on the new fan Friday the 13th game developed by Havoc Games and Unleaded Games. During that time period we have shown you what the start-up screens will look like as well as in-development characters that would be included. Now, there is a small demo for fans to try out.

We were sent a link to this demo a few weeks ago and were just able to sit down and try it out. This demo is just that, with a few bugs still needing to be worked out. We were also told by one of the game developers, Mathew White, that the project may have a facelift of sorts, so the demo we are bringing you below may not even be in the final game that is released for fans to play. That being said, this is a great effort being put into creating a Jason Voorhees and Friday the 13th game for everyone to enjoy.

Check out some of the screen caps of the game below and download the demo using the link provided. Enjoy the demo and leave comments on your experience below!