Havoc Games Debuts Friday the 13th Game Start Screen And End Credits

Just as certain web series and famn films have been progressing at break neck paces, so does the world of video game development. Havoc Games and Unleaded Games have been developing their new Friday the 13th video game since December 2010 and now have offered a sneak peek of the start screen.

The two game developers are showing that they intend to take this new Jason Voorhees game to a whole new level and it should be an intense experience. Below is what they had to say about the new start screen.

For you guys following along on the development, here is a sneak peak at our start menu for Friday The 13th. Wait till you guys seen this sucker in its full glory, as right now its just a WIP.

Check out the start screen below and keep it here for more information as well as http://www.havocgames.net/ as the game moves towards completion!

Click Image For Larger Version

Now check out the credits for the game that will run at the games conclusion! Jason thinks he can dance ..... and he sure can.