Brad Fuller: No More Horror For Platinum Dunes, Friday the 13th Best Film

We are a tad late to the game with this information, however, some of this has been known for months now, but other tidbits we are going to mention may be fresh blood for other fans. Towards the end of November 2010, Platinum Dunes Co-Producer Brad Fuller visited Edward Nyahay's Applied Media Arts class at Crespi Carmelite High School in California and talked about the Entertainment Industry.

It is truly amazing how very candid and forthcoming Brad is pertaining to the formula his company uses to produce films, the things that went wrong with all of their films and the people they had trouble with during the film making process. Of note in the video posted below, Brad mentions that Platinum Dunes has closed the chapter on their involvement in horror films, Friday the 13th was their best film, and PD had problems with Friday the 13th 2009 director Marcus Nispel.

The first item is probably the most confusing as the last few months Brad Fuller has been Tweeting that fans should hang in there and a Friday the 13th sequel will be a reality. We have posted a few stories to that affect and he seems genuinely interested in making the sequel happen. Well, in the video below, he flat out says that Platinum Dunes is done with horror films. This is something that he did mention last year after A Nightmare On Elm Street remake was released, but the fact that Brad has been lobbying on Twitter for a new Friday the 13th sequel is just plain baffling. We are sure our visitors have thoughts on this one.

Also in the video, Brad states that he believes Friday the 13th 2009 was the best movie that Platinum Dunes has produced. No kidding, he really does believe that and it also is his favorite movie to boot. Brad explains that Friday the 13th contained and upheld the very simple formula of kids having sex, kids having fun and then a killer in the woods slaughtering them. He also mentions that amping up the key elements of the formula made for a fun ride that made the film very successful.

Most interesting is that Brad states that is was his favorite movie to work on, but that he had problems with the films director, Marcus Nispel. Interesting that he would just come out and say that to High School Kids?

Overall, there are four videos that were recorded on his visit to the school. We have only embedded the third video where he talks Friday the 13th 2009 as well as the A Nightmare On Elm Street remake. Listening to Brad really is a honest look at how Hollywood operates. Stick to a business plan, follow a formula, don't take chances and stick with what works. That is why they have remade and rebooted so many film franchises. One has to wonder what else they have to reboot?

Things could change and Platinum Dunes may jump back into horror if the right project comes along, however, one thing is for certain, it seems as though Platinum Dunes has no interest at all in creating a Friday the 13th sequel, at least not for some years. Platinum Dunes currently has a Ninja Turtles reboot in progress as well as the action adventure movie Ouija. So, it may be up to Warner Bros. to really step up if we are to see Jason Voorhees on the big screen in the next 5 years!

To watch the small segment on Friday the 13th only, go to the 7:00 mark. Big thanks to Bad Ass Digest for finding the video!

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