Behind The Scenes: Officer Pappas' Part 6 Death

Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part 6 is littered with spectacular death scenes, which is another reason its entry into the film franchise is looked upon by fans as one of the best created. As with every death scene in a Friday the 13th film, there is a lot of preparation put into bringing the realistic looking demises to the big screen.

Today we are going to look at a few behind the scenes photos regarding the death of Officer Pappas (Michael Swan). His death was a bit more brutal than that of typical Jason kills as Pappas died by Jason's bare hands. These type of kills tend to be more personal and as such are harder to watch. Much like Rick's death in Friday the 13th Part 3, a collapsible head cast was created of the actor's head to achieve the head crushing effect by Jason.

To achieve the effect, the dummy head of actor Michael Swan was fitted with a wig and then dressed with the police officer uniform and jacket. As seen below, the head, attached to wooden stand, was placed in front of the camera with the rear of the prop facing the camera and then Jason actor C.J. Graham could squeeze the head on cue. For Officer Pappas' body reveal, effects artist Brian Wade created an image of what a person would look like if they had their head crushed by a homicidal maniac.

All of the work for this death scene helped create a memorable moment in the Friday the 13th film franchise and proved once again that Jason Voorhees was the head of the class in the slasher genre.