Rick Shops Where Mrs. Voorhees Shops?

One of the more amusing debates among Friday the 13th fans over the years has to do with a certain wardrobe choice that key characters made in the film series. More amusing than the debate itself is the almost legitimate claim that is brought forward because of it. Does Rick From Friday the 13th Part 3 wear the same sweater as Mrs. Voorhees?

For fun today, we thought we would debunk the question of Mrs. Voorhees' sweater being the same as what Rick wears in the film. It is interesting to note that later in Friday the 13th Part 3, Rick not only wears a very similar sweater to the demented Pamela Voorhees, but he also has a flannel shirt underneath the sweater as well. By looking at the closeup comparison of the two characters above, you will notice that Mrs. Voorhees is also wearing a flannel underneath her sweater as well. Coincidence?

Now onto the sweater. Both sweaters look to be similar in color for the characters, but as you examine the design, you can plainly see the patterns are much different. The collar of the sweaters also take different shape and further show that these are indeed different articles of clothing. In the end, the proof is in the pictures.

It is fun to put the two characters side by side in a wide shot and see how very similar their wardrobe does look, especially in a quick glance. Was the wardrobe choice for Rick done on purpose to try and make an homage to Mrs. Voorhees? We may never know, but at least it has made for a fun and sometimes entertaining debate over the years!