Film Props: Friday The 13th 2009 Hockey Mask

Even though there are mixed reactions to the newest Friday the 13th film, Jason Voorhees the character in the new film is universally loved by the fans. That fact not only includes Derek Mears' performance, but also the choice of costume for the maniacal killer. The hockey mask definitely had an old era feel to it which fans appreciated.

That being said, today's spotlighted prop comes from the collection of the Horror Museum. Their collection spans not only Friday the 13th merchandise, but all movies of the horror genre. The hockey mask that they own from Friday the 13th 2009 was used in a number of scenes from the film. In fact, the museum gives a spectacular break down of what scenes the mask was more than likely used in.

One item of note is where it is mentioned in the explanation below that there were six hockey masks made for production. In fact, according to Prop Master Koen Wooten, there were only five made for the film. Check out the mask and explanation below. For more information on the mask, please visit the Horror Museum!