His Name Was Jason Creator Goes To Australia

His Name Was Jason was a tremendous gift to the Friday the 13th fans back in 2009. The documentary brought forth some interesting information that was not known to fans previously and showcases some actors and actresses that have not been visible in twenty to thirty years. Now, one of the creators of the documentary is heading to Australia for a horror event!

Co-creator Thommy Hutson, who wrote and produced His Name Was Jason, is scheduled to appear at the self-proclaimed first horror themed convention in Australia. Shock Horror: The Nightmare Begins will be taking place in Sydney, Australia on November 27, 2011. The convention already has added Robert England as a guest and looks to be building a Nightmare On Elm Street themed event.

Thommy Hutson also wrote and produced of Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy, a documentary on the Nightmare On Elm Street series. He most recently wrote and produced Scream: The Inside Story for the Bio channel. Thommy will also have copies of Never Sleep Again to purchase and get signed at the event.

For those fans that reside in Sydney, have fun celebrating horror with Jason and Freddy!