Exclusive: Kane Hodder's Kill! Book Cover

Kane Hodder has been viewed as the embodiment of evil as his maniacal portrayal of not only Jason Voorhees, but countless other psychotic characters have cemented his legacy as one of the legends in cinematic villain history. His new book, Kill!, will take readers on his journery from childhood to Hollywood and fans with truly see what the man behind the mask is really like.

We have been covering the development of Kane's book the last couple of months and some hilarious stories and photos have popped up on the books official website, http://www.kanehodderkills/. Kane and his writing partner Mike Aloisi have been putting a lot of work into the book, which is being released October 2011. Now, we just got our hands on a leaked "rough draft" of the cover of Kane's book! 

Check out the cover below! Our source has told us that this is more than likely not the finished cover that will hit shelves. However, if it is, what does everyone think?