Winner: Kane Hodder Machete Contest

For the past three weeks we have been running a contest to promote Kane Hodder's new book Kill!, which will be released in October 2011. The contest ended Sunday April 3rd for which fans had to answer a number of trivia questions to enter for a chance to win an autographed machete by Kane Hodder. Now we have selected a winner and will announce it after the break.

We received a huge number of entries to win the machete, but sadly, only one person could be chosen to win. The winner was chosen at random from the email submissions we received with the correct answers to our trivis questions. And the winner of the Kane Hodder autographed machete is ......... Jennifer Gibson!

Jennifer has been notified via email that she has won and the machete will be shipped out immediately. Thank you very much to everyone that submitted an entry for the contest. We do run contests often here, so please make sure to keep an eye out for that in the future. Make sure to visit our website for updates on Kane's new book Kill! as well as the official website,

Trivia Questions
1. What is the website URL address for Kane's new book?
2. What is the release date for Kane's new book?
    Answer: October 1, 2011
3. Kane is appearing at a lot of conventions this year. What are the dates he is attending the convention "Return To Camp Crystal Lake"?
    Answer:  June 3-5, 2011
4. In the Jason Takes Manhattan film section of this website, where is Kane standing with a Director while dressed in Jason Voorhees attire, but without the hockey mask on?
    Answer:  The Sewer
5. What does Kane have tattooed inside his bottom lip?
     Answer:  Kill