Havoc Games' 'Friday the 13th' Progress Update

In the beginning of March, we gave our visitors an update on the much anticipated Havoc Games fan video game, Friday the 13th. Previous snippets of information that have been leaked about the game include the instruments that Jason will get to use against his victims.

Havoc Games and their partner Unleaded Games are showing that they intend to take this new Jason Voorhees game to a whole new level and it should be an intense experience. There was an update that was just released at the official website for Havoc Games and they mentioned the following:

Ken is hard at work on getting our first demo up and ready. I’ve got our animations working pretty well that Ken set up in game now.  Still a few little bugs here and there, but those will hopefully get worked out at a later date. Ken’s taking the bull by the horns here, and doing most of the work on Friday 3D version 2 at the moment with level design, modeling, and setting up a good chunk of extra feature’s code-wise.

A very cool animation was debuted to tease what is instore for the game. That is featured below.

For more info on this in-development video game, please visit the official website, http://www.havocgames.net/.