Film Location: Intersection Scene, Friday the 13th 2009

It's always fun to locate filming locations for the Friday the 13th films and the discovery of such locations can be very exciting. The ability to visit these places makes fans feel like a part of the movie and is a great way to connect with the film making process. Today's location was found last year by a Japanese fan named daizab.

He has been very busy researching shooting locations and found this particular site early in 2010. The scene that he found is the location for a very small scene in Friday the 13th 2009 and takes place when Officer Bracke pulls Clay over on his motorcycle after he leaves the gas station. Check out the pictures and information below. We thank daizab for sharing his find with all of the Friday the 13th fans.

Satellite Overhead View
1370 Chestnut St, Bastrop, TX, USA
30.110674, -97.312633

Comparison of Intersection Images

Comparison of Closeup Street Images