Website Contests Extravaganza!

Since there are now a lot of contests happening on the website, I thought it would be a good idea to post a story about everything that is going on. First off, the Crystal Lake Memories book contest ended this past weekend and the winner will be announced tomorrow! We now have two current contests running on the site, so lets see what they are all about.

The first contest, announced this past Sunday, is a chance to win an autographed machete by Jason actor Kane Hodder! This is a contest to help promote Kane's new book Kill!. Details on the contest can be found on our Contest Page. We have received a large amount of submissions already, but fans should still get your submissions in for a chance to win an awesome collectible!

The second and newest contest is something special, just for our website and forum members. Visit the contest/giveaway forum for details. To join our website and have a chance at the prizes offered. It is easy, Join Here!