The Prop Museum: Friday the 13th 2009 Bear Trap

Friday The 13th 2009 brought a plethora of new props to be utilized in the film. Collectors were thrilled to have an opportunity at a chance to own a new piece of history from the Friday the 13th franchise. Today's featured prop was a highly sought after piece in the community, as it was created for the newest film in the franchise and ended up at the Friday the 13th Props Museum!

The bear trap pictured to the right is not a real metal trap, but a safety version which has rubber teeth. The prop was used when Jason traps Richie in the beginning of the film. Also, the same trap was used when Clay attacks Jason in the barn at the very end of the film. During an interview with Mario Kirner, who owns the Friday the 13th Props Museum, Koen Wooten, the Prop Master for Friday the 13th 2009, elaborates on the bear trap.

"The trap you are getting is one of the best props I have ever made. It looks mean, but you can step into it and it will close on your leg and it is safe as can be. Another good thing is that we only made one."

It is rare that only one piece is made for a prop like this, so it is indeed a unique and awesome prop to own from the Friday the 13th film franchise!
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